Chow your way through the real New York City in a classic Checker Cab, minivan, or on foot with a pickle man/ cheesemonger/ hot dog vendor/ bread truck driver/ food writer/ licensed tour guide/ cabbie who has eaten it all.                                        Email:
  • Discover your favorite slice on the Pizza Party Tour
  • Taste pickles that will make you plotz on the Pickle Tickle Tour
  • Eat allll night long on the Midnight Munchie Madness Tour
  • Sample cannoli fit for Clemenza on The Boot of the Boros Tour
  • You can decide the theme or just go for Famous Fat Dave's Faves

“Aside from knowing New York City’s streets like the back of his hand, he’s got a firm grip on the under belly of Manhattan” – Anthony Bourdain

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How do I chow down with Famous Fat Dave?

Email Dave@FamousFatDave.Com to schedule an eating tour.  

(Please be patient awaiting a response. It can take a few days. But short notice does often work out so please don't be discouraged from trying even if it's last minute.)

Private Tour Options: 

The Chunky but Funky Monkey Package:

  • 2 to 3 hours
  • 4 to 7 stops
  • 5 to 10 generous tastes

The Junk in the Trunk Package:

  • 4 to 5 hours
  • 7 to 12 stops
  • 10 to 20 generous tastes

The Fat Elvis Package:

  • 6 or more hours
  • 12 or more stops
  • 20 or more generous tastes

*Tour by Classic White Checker Cab with Room for FIVE Eaters:

*Average Driving Tour Is 4.5 Hours, Average Walking Tour Is 3.5 Hours

*Food, Soft Drinks, and Parking Tickets Included

*Age Minimum of 7, and One Kid 7 to 10 Comes FREE

*Tour by Minivan with Room for Up To 6 Eaters Available At Same Rates, 15 Passenger Van at Discounted Rates, and Up to 35 Seat Bus at Further Discounted Rates

*4.5 Hour Shared Tours by Minivan Which Work Out To Be The Least Expensive Per Person for the Full Tour Deep into the Outer Boroughs

*Midnight Munchie Madness Tours at a $120 Surcharge on the Driving Tour Rates

*Walking/Eating Tours of Lower Manhattan at a $120 Discount Off Driving Tour Rates, Maximum 5 Eaters

“The Ultimate NYC Food Tour” – The BBC      

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“An encyclopedic knowledge of neighborhood eateries” – New York Times  



“Becoming a New York icon.” – The Forward    

“Knows his city and its fare better than just about anybody else” – Saveur Magazine